How Do I Do That In Lightroom? | Chapter 11: How to Use Lightroom on Your Mobile Device


Chapter 11: How to Use Lightroom on Your Mobile Device

It’s Lightroom on the Road

If you’re thinking, “Hey, I didn’t even know you could use Lightroom on your phone,” well my friend, you’re not alone. Now, depending on the size of your phone, this is either a pretty handy thing, if you have a phone with a big screen, or “You’re kidding, right?” if you’re still using an iPhone 3 or maybe a Blackberry of some sort, because I don’t think that there’s a version of Lightroom for the Blackberry, but that’s only as I write this, because Adobe is liable to release a Blackberry version at any time. Why would Adobe do this? Well, Blackberry is a Canadian company and everybody knows the Canadians are very good at hockey (I’m not being racist, I’m stereotyping, which is just as bad unless the stereotypical thing you’re saying is very positive, like “Canadians are very good at hockey,” at which point it simply merges into a compliment, and all Canadians love compliments—see, that’s another compliment. Do three of these in a row and it’s called a “cat-trick.” Sorry, that was a lame hockey pun and my friends from the frozen tundra that is Canada don’t deserve that. See? Now that was an unflattering exaggeration because all of Canada is certainly not a frozen tundra, only the areas outside Toronto are frozen tundra, and that’s another unflattering exaggeration, but because all Canadians have a great sense of humor, it’s totally okay. See what I did there?). Anyway, Adobe is based in San Jose, California, home of the San Jose Sharks hockey team who play at the SAP Center Arena, and you can bet Adobe has some fancy luxury box there and at some point they’ll have to play a Canadian team, probably made up of mostly Blackberry employees, and they don’t want things to get awkward between them at the arena, so I think it’s probably a lock there will be a Blackberry version of Lightroom sometime in our lifetimes, eh? #gosharks #gotimhortons