How Do I Do That In Lightroom? | Chapter 2: How to Organize Your Images


Chapter 2: How to Organize Your Images

Working in the Library Module

When you think about it, our parents actually had the ideal photo organization system: they stored all their photos in a shoebox. Here’s why that was so brilliant: (1) Nobody could “hack” into their shoebox. Nobody was sitting in a small, dark Internet cafe in North Korea thinking of ways to crack their password to steal all their shoebox photos and distribute them on the web. (2) If they wanted to get to your parents’ shoebox, they’d have to go and break into their house, but once inside, they’d see other stuff like a TV, and a stereo, and maybe some jewelry, so they’d take those instead because if they grabbed some random shoebox and ran, there was a more than reasonable chance it would be filled with a pair of Hush Puppies (which, apparently, is all our parents wore back then. Well, at least the dads. The moms wore Penny Loafers, which were named after a character from the popular TV show Lost in Space—Betty Loafers). And, reason #3: Google didn’t have secret access to their images, like they do today, where they have total unrestricted access to all your images (even your nude selfies), even if you never uploaded them to Google photos. In fact, they have access to all your nude selfies even if you’ve never taken one, if that gives you any idea of their power. You see, back in the 1940s and ’50s, Google wasn’t as powerful as they are today (where they have power akin to that of Skynet—if that sounds familiar, it’s from the popular TV show Gunsmoke), but today we use the next best thing, which is Lightroom, but don’t worry, it comes with a plug-in that, with just one click, bypasses Google altogether and sends all your family photos directly to the North Korean Internet cafe of your choice.