How Do I Do That In Lightroom? | Chapter 12: Other Stuff You’ll Want to Know


Chapter 12: Other Stuff You’ll Want to Know

All That Other Stuff? It’s in This Chapter

There are some things in Lightroom that just don’t fit into a neat and tidy heading, like troubleshooting for example. Sure, you could make an entire chapter on troubleshooting, but it would be a very, very, thin chapter because Lightroom doesn’t mess up a whole bunch. Oh, every once in a while you might run into something, but what­ever it is, it’s not a whole chapter’s worth, which left me with this quandary: “Do I leave troubleshooting out of the book altogether, or do I create a nifty little catch-all chapter at the end of the book for all the stuff that has nowhere to go?” Well, you can see from the fact that you are reading this chapter introduction that I went ahead with the plan, but let me tell you, this was not an easy decision, because adding more pages to a book is not something that makes publishers very happy. There was a time when, in the publishing world, the prevailing wisdom was “people want value for their book investment and more pages mean more value.” I even saw reviews of technology books where the reviewer actually divided the cost of the book by the number of pages in the book to tell you which book was a better value to the reader. Now, this was a flawed way of thinking from the beginning because it supposes that all books on a topic would contain the exact same information presented in exactly the same way, but we know that is not the case because none of the books you could buy on a topic, Lightroom for example, would dare waste the high cost of paper today (which, by the way, is astronomical) on incredibly silly, quirky, and arguably dumb chapter introductions except for this book. The value, or lack thereof, of these chapter intros can’t be measured with a simple calculator, or even a fancy multi-buttoned Texas Instruments nerdy-guy calculator, because some things are beyond simple measure. So where was I going with all this? I lost me at “hello.”