How Do I Do That In Lightroom? | Chapter 3: How to Customize Lightroom


Chapter 3: How to Customize Lightroom

How to Make It Work Like You Want It to Work

Every piece of software ships with “default” settings for all its controls and Lightroom is no different, but luckily for us Lightroom is infinitely customizable so we can pretty much set things up the way we want them. However, it wasn’t always this way, because at one point in Lightroom’s history, Adobe’s engineers carefully debated each and every setting throughout the application to make sure the default settings would only appeal to users with an IQ equal to that of lint. But, a long time ago, deep within Adobe’s headquarters, there was this one rebel engineer named “Luke,” and he heralded the idea that Lightroom should offer end users a way to customize Lightroom to suit each individual’s needs. Well, as you might imagine, Luke wasn’t very popular in the hallways at Adobe, but then one day, a German engineer named “Hans” approached him and stated that he agreed with Luke’s customizing idea, and together they formed an alliance to restore justice to the end users. Well, Adobe’s head of Engineering at the time, Mr. Murray Yavin, didn’t agree with this Rebel Alliance, and this eventually resulted in many of the engineers warring over these very ideals, which led to what many Adobe insiders still call to this day, “The Battle of Yavin.” Anyway, things got so bad that eventually the govern­ment got involved and pretty soon a local senator was called in, in hopes of uniting the engineers, but it wasn’t until Luke and Hans teamed up with rogue engineering ace Wedge Antilles that these customization features were actually added to Lightroom. To recognize Wedge’s contributions to the Alliance, the popular “Wedge” salad (named in his honor) was born and is still available at most popular casual dining restaurants. True story.